Neck Liposuction

before photo of neck liposuctionafter photo of neck liposuction

These are before and after photos of neck liposuction performed by Dr. Connall.

A trim and sharp neck gives the face a youthful and pretty look. 

As the neck changes with age, or with changes in weight, excessive fullness can detract from one’s appearance. Neck liposuction sculpts the neck under the chin and along the jaw line to create a prettier, youthful profile.

Is Neck Liposuction Right For Me?

A full neck is sometimes due to normal facial development.  Many patients say “my mom has this neck and so do I”. 

For others, the neck is full because of excess fat that does not come off with diet and exercise.  In either case neck liposuction is used to remove the fat and sculpt the neck.

Neck liposuction is performed with small cannulae, inserted through small incisions hidden behind the chin. 

About one to three ounces of fat is suctioned from the midsection of the neck and along the jaw line. 

The procedure is performed with light sedation and local numbing medicine.  Neck liposuction takes about one hour to perform and recovery takes about one week.  

For those with excess skin and/or neck muscle weakness, neck liposuction is combined with internal muscle tightening and sometime skin removal. 

Also, a weak chin often contributes to poor neck proportions. 

Chin augmentation is usually combined with neck liposuction in those cases. 

Please call or e-mail our Portland office for more details about neck liposuction (or our other neck contouring procedures) if you wish to explore having a nicer neck.

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