iGuide® Neck Lift

Innovative system: Percutaneous suturing provides a dynamic support system, similar to a trampoline® in the neck or suture suspension of the brow.
Illustration of iGuide technique
One Continuous Thread: A simple suture is used to lift and maintain a remarkably contoured neckline.
illustration of iGuide technique
Lasting Results: Minimally invasive technology produces immediate and lasting results.

The Minimally Invasive Technology For Neck Lift

It's the simple way to have a younger-looking, beautifully contoured neckline. The iGuide Surgical Suture System offers an unprecedented, minimally-invasive technology. 

In many cases, it can be performed without general anesthesia and with minimal incisions, resulting in great benefits for both patients and doctors.

Now you can enjoy natural-looking results with minimal recovery time. Which means you’ll be back to work and back in the gym in days, compared to weeks or months with traditional invasive procedures.

iGuide offers:

  • Immediate Results That Last
  • Minimal to No Visible Scarring
  • Short Recovery Time
  • Local Anesthesia in Many Cases
  • Options for Younger Patients

The Technology

The iGuide can be used to oversew the muscles of the neck, or elevate the brow using the patented instrument system, with minimal incisions.

Featuring five remarkable tools, the iGuide allows for the placement of a suture support system through a series of needle punctures. 

Instead of cutting and repositioning muscles, the surgeon weaves the suture underneath the jaw line with one continuous thread.

In properly selected patients iGuide provides a technique to improve the neck and jawline with minimal incisions as compared to traditional techniques—with minimal swelling, bruising, and scarring.

Watch this iGuide Video

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