We will educate you so you can make confident decisions

Emmi Solutions


The Emmi® programs are designed to assist patients through their pre and post operative processes.  By using audio, text and images to help patients make sense of vital medical information, interactive Emmi®programs inform and engage patients.  Emmi® programs cover a wide range of topics that combine professional expertise and input from a medical advisory board.


The first step in the Emmi® program is to speak with one of our staff members.  At that time, they will familiarize you with the program and talk to you about which areas of the program will work best for your needs. We will ask you to complete the “pre-surgical” tutorial.  Your surgeon may wish for you to watch procedure specific tutorials also.  Our staff will issue you a unique access code(s) that is specific to the tutorials you are asked to complete.

The second step is when you view the Emmi® program.  You can access it from any computer with internet access at your convenience.  You may also watch the programs as many times as you like.  Our office will verify that you have watched your program prior to your surgery.  Completion of Emmi is a requirement before having surgery at the Meridian Center.

The last step is during your pre-op phone call from our nurse or on the day of surgery.  At those times our staff will address any questions you may have about the topics and information found in the Emmi® programs

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  • We will educate you so you can make confident decisions
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