Payment Plans

We offer a number of patient financing options.  Before you apply for financing, please talk to one of our patient coordinators or e-mail We can help you select the company that will best meet your needs.

These are quality companies that provide flexible patient payment programs that are designed for healthcare expenses. These plans make it easier for you to get the treatment or procedures you want and need. Both are ideal for cosmetic treatments and procedures.  For detailed information, please go to their websites.

Proserper Healthcare Lending

Have a CareCredt Card? Pay Your Balance Here


CareCredit is a credit card exclusive for healthcare services. With CareCredit, you can get a No Interest* payment plan if paid in full within 6 months on purchases with your CareCredit card. CareCredit also offers extended payments plans with low monthly payments. 

If you would like to apply for your own CareCredit card, Apply Here.

* Interest will be charged to your account from the purchase date if the promotional balance, including optional charges, is not paid in full within 6 months or if you make a late payment. Minimum monthly payments required.  See your CareCredit Cardholder Agreement for complete details.

My Medical Loan
My Medical Loan offers the lowest and broadest interest rates assuring all patients the highest chance for loan approval. Additionally, provides the most loan options available to assist your budget needs.

Medical Financing
Medical Financing

MedicalFinancing is proud to offer patient financing options for all your elective surgery procedures. With loans up to $30,000 and convenient repayment plans, you can feel comfortable knowing your surgery costs will be covered.

Prosper Healthcare Lending
Prosper Healthcare Lending

Prosper Healthcare Lending is the premier financing company in the healthcare industry. With over $3 Billion borrowed and over 250,000 people empowered, this is a name and a program you can trust.

Here are some of the benefits you’ll receive with a loan from Prosper Healthcare Lending:

  • Immediate decisions for loans under $35,000
  • Longer terms for lower monthly payments
  • No collateral required
  • No prepayment penalties
  • Fast & easy loan inquiry process
  • 100% Confidential

    Payment Options

    As you consider cosmetic surgery or injectable treatments such as Botox or Juvederm, you may be wondering about your payment options. There are a number of convenient ways to pay and we offer an array of programs designed to meet your individual needs.  Please feel free to discuss payment with our coordinators so that we can help you design the best plan for you.

    Payment for our cosmetic surgery procedures is due in advance and payment for injectables is due the day of treatment.   Please note: Since the majority of our procedures involve elective cosmetic surgery they are not covered by medical insurance. We provide a number of payment options which may be used individually or combined according to your wishes.

    • Cash or Cashier’s Check (personal checks are not accepted)
    • Credit Cards: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express.

    Consultation Fee

    We are devoted to providing outstanding cosmetic and reconstructive surgery in a personal and caring environment. Your consultation is the beginning of a special and critical time in your life.
    A consultation should be an intense experience of medical evaluation, planning and patient education.  Only through a thoughtful, detailed consultation can you really learn what is best for you.  It is solely for your benefit, a vital service we provide that we take very seriously.  Dr. Connall and his team spend a lot of time working with you before, during and after your consult to ensure your objectives are met and that we have communicated the information you need to make a wise decision.

    We believe that in consulting with a professional - as with most things in life - "you get what you pay for."  Unfortunately, too often a "free consultation" for cosmetic surgery turns into a quick examination and “meet and greet” with the doctor and sometimes (even worse) a sales pitch.  Such a consultation is not in your best interest.

    We believe in having mutual respect and trust in our relationships with patients. We are professionals with an intense commitment to doing the right thing for our patients. We stand on our reputation, expertise and commitment to excellence. Since we treat the consult as a highly valuable service, not a sales process, we have nothing to give away.

    Should an initial consultation fee be the key factor in deciding on surgery that will cost thousands of dollars and change your body forever?  Of course not.  The purpose of the consultation is to determine if surgery is the right thing for you to do. Through the process of listening to you, understanding your desires, conducting an examination and 3-D computer imaging, an appropriate recommendation will be made. That recommendation might even be that nothing should be done.

    A plastic surgery consultation is often the beginning of one of the most important events in a person’s life.  For such a monumental decision is it not fitting that you pay a small fee to get the best information and advice possible? 

    Our consultation fees range from $100 to $250 depending on the complexity of your case. Expect to spend about one hour with us for your consultation. Most patients tell us this was the best hour they have spent learning about cosmetic surgery and well worth it!
    • Our team is full of caring & knowledgeable professionals
    • We will nurture you through every step you take with us
    • We use technology to enhance your experience & results
    • We will educate you so you can make confident decisions
    • We use state-of-the-art techniques to create optimal results
    • We're committed to excellence in everything we do
    • We love what we do & have fun caring for patients
    • Building respect and trust with you is our first priority