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Face and Neck Lift Approaches

photo of before face and neck liftphoto of face and neck lift after

Dr. Connall performed a face and neck lift and a mid-face lift on this patient. The neck, jowls, cheeks and lower eyelids were rejuvenated in this patient.

Face And Neck Lift Approaches

There are many approaches to face and neck lift surgery.  Generally, a modern facelift includes lifting and tightening the deep layers of the face and then removing the excess skin along the outer part of the face and neck regions and re-draping the skin.  With this approach, a scar is placed along the hairline and the sideburn region, along the front and back of the ear, and sometimes into the hair behind the ear.

Dr. Connall’s approach to face lifting is customized to each patient’s individual needs.  A thorough assessment is made based on the degree of facial aging that the patient displays and the surgery is designed to treat those specific problems.  In mild cases of facial aging a more limited approach to the face and neck lift can be pursued.  In more advanced cases, a more aggressive approach may be needed in which most of the skin of the lower face and neck are lifted and re-draped.  Liposuction is often combined with the face and neck lift, to remove the extra fatty deposits under the chin and along the jaw line in the neck.

Quick And Weekend Facelifts

Plastic surgery now has the wide attention of the media and advertisers.  With such a broad discussion and awareness of plastic surgery, there are a number of surgical techniques that are marketed directly to patients.  One must be careful about such advertisements and gimmicks.

Face and neck lift surgery is real surgery which requires a significant amount of procedure time and recovery.  Quick and minimal surgical procedures tend to yield minor results.  Dr. Connall will present you with all of your options and the degree of improvement you can expect with each approach. Since most of our patients want significant and lasting results, the minimal scar and “weekend” down-time procedures are usually not desirable.

Facelift Versus Neck Lift Surgery

The face and neck lift procedure involves treatment of the lower face and neck as an aesthetic unit.  Isolated neck lift procedures can be performed in some patients; however, most patients benefit from a comprehensive approach using the face and neck lift procedure.  Indeed, the traditional facelift is a lower face and neck lift combined.

Facelift Versus Mid-FaceLift Surgery

A facelift is designed to treat aging of the face and neck.  A facelift typically will give some improvement in the mid-face area.  That is, the cheek and inner area of the cheek below the eye.

A mid-facelift can be performed as a separate procedure.  Mid-facelifts are most often used in patients that do not require the full rejuvenation provided by the face and neck lift procedure.  With a mid-facelift, the area from the lower eyelid to the upper lip and cheek regions is treated.  There are many mid-facelift techniques available.  If during the consultation, you have minimal diffuse facial aging and wish to rejuvenate just your mid-face, then Dr. Connall will provide you with options for a mid-facelift.

~ iGuide® Surgical Suture System The iGuide® Surgical Suture System offers an unprecedented, minimally-invasive technology.
~ Blepharoplasty Blepharoplasty, or eyelid tuck, surgery can rejuvenate the upper and lower eyelids and is often combined with a face and neck lift.
~ Brow Lift An endoscopic brow lift repositions the eyebrows leading to more youthful eyebrows and upper eyelids.
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