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Is Ear Surgery- Otoplasty Right for You?

Prominent ears can detract from one’s beauty. Ears with normal shape and size blend into the one’s appearance, but large, protruding, or misshapen ears often draw attention away from the face. To improve ear shape and position cosmetic ear surgery, known as an otoplasty, is performed.

The ears are nearly fully grown when a child reaches 6 years of age. For children, prominent ears can be a source of teasing from other children. Therefore, otoplasty is often performed in school age children to enhance their appearance and self confidence. In addition, many people go into adulthood with prominent ears and choose cosmetic ear surgery later in life. If you, or your child, are bothered by prominent ears then an otoplasty is a great option.

Otoplasty is performed as outpatient surgery. The ears are reshaped and positioned through an incision on the back surface of the ear. The central ear fold is recreated with sutures and the back of the ear is often set-back to the head with sutures. The scar is hidden and usually unnoticeable. In one to two weeks after surgery you are fully recovered.

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