Chin Augmentation

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Is Chin Augmentation Right for You?

A proportional and shapely chin brings balance to the nose, lower face and neck. When viewed in profile a weak chin can make the nose look bigger and the neck less defined. Chin augmentation enhances the aesthetics of the jaw line and neck by adding size, projection and shape to the chin.

Facial bone structure (including the chin and mandible) is a consequence of genetics and congenital facial development. Some people simply develop chins that are not as full and projecting as the aesthetic ideal.

Chin augmentation is a common procedure that can help people with weak chins by improving the size and shape of the chin and central jaw line. If you are bothered by the look of your chin then chin augmentation may be a great option. Please call or e-mail our Portland office for more details.

Chin augmentation is usually performed with a silicone implant. The scar is placed inside the lower lip or externally behind the chin.

The procedure takes about one hour to perform and recovery takes about one week. Facial volume enhancers are a new and exciting alternative to traditional prosthetic chin augmentation.

Juvederm can be injected to sculpt the chin. Or, for a lasting result, fat can be grafted alone the chin and jaw line to create a shapely chin.

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