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Is a Buttocks Augmentation Right for You?

The buttocks are one of the most important features of the female body and can now be enhanced in shape and fullness with plastic surgery. The most effective way to enhance the buttocks is to inject fat. In addition to buttock fat grafting, the buttocks can be lifted and shaped by removing excess skin and fat.

For those women who have small buttocks based on their natural development or weight loss, increased shape and projection can be a great option to improve their figure.

For any woman that is bothered by the shape of her buttocks, buttock fat grafting may be a great option.

The most widely accepted method to enhance the shape, size and firmness of the buttocks is fat grafting.

By using a woman’s own fat, the buttocks can be reshaped in a completely natural fashion. The resulting fat is placed in very small threads so that the fat survives and leads to natural and soft tissue in the buttocks.

Buttock size can be increased and controlled much more effectively with fat grafting compared to buttock implants. Also, the potential complications with buttock fat grafting are low.

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The first step in buttock augmentation is obtaining the fat for grafting. The Body-Jet liposuction machine is an optimal device for removing fat to be used for buttock fat grafting. The key to achieving optimal buttock aesthetics is the shaping that occurs around the buttocks with liposuction.

The fat is then injected with small needles though small openings. Most of the small openings are placed within the bikini line and are less than 2 mm in diameter. These heal well and scars fade over time.

Expect to take about 5 - 7 days off of work and home activities after your buttock fat grafting procedure. The areas of liposuction and the buttocks will be tender and sore.

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