Introduction to Lower Body Lift

photo before lower body liftphoto after lower body lift

Dr. Connall performed this lower body lift, which included liposuction.

Connall Cosmetic Surgery is a leading provider of lower body lift surgery in Portland, Oregon.  A lower body lift is a tummy tuck combined with a circumferential thigh and buttock lift.  This remarkable procedure treats the trunk from the rib margin to the thighs as an entire aesthetics area. 

In some patients skin and fat excess are present not only in the abdominal area, but also around the love handles to the back.  In addition, the thighs and buttocks are often lax and sagging.  With a lower body lift the tummy is tightened; the excess skin and fat are removed all the way around the body; and the thighs and buttocks are lifted into youthful and aesthetic proportions. Tightening and positioning of the lower body skin back in place can dramatically improve the waist, thigh and buttock contours.  Buttock augmentation can be included with this procedure, as needed.  If you are considering a tummy tuck, but if you want your thighs and buttocks improved as well, then a lower body lift may be a great solution for you.
If you have lost a significant amount of weight, and you are considering an abdominoplasty or panniculectomy, you are encouraged to look into lower body lift as another surgical option. 

Is A Lower Body Lift Right For Me?

A lower body lift is indicated in patients who have excess skin around the trunk, flanks, back, and buttocks.  In addition, the lower body lift can improve the outer parts of the thighs.  If you have lost a significant amount of weight, which has led to sagging and loose skin around the abdomen, thighs, and buttocks, then a lower body lift is often the best procedure to treat the excess skin and to reposition the surrounding areas such as the pubic area, thighs, and buttocks.

A lower body lift is often the best procedure for those that have lost massive amounts of weight after gastric bypass, laparoscopic gastric banding or other weight reduction surgeries.

Lower Body Lift Versus An Abdominoplasty

Some patients with excess abdominal skin and fat are inclined to proceed with an abdominoplasty.  Also, since the lower body lift procedure is not universally performed by plastic surgeons some surgeons will not present the lower body lift as an option to patients.  However, in patients with excessive abdominal skin excess, which extends to the flanks, an abdominoplasty is often inadequate to fully treat the affected areas.  In such cases, a circumferential procedure such as the lower body lift should be considered.  Indeed, in patients with circumferential skin excess, the lower body lift is the most powerful and effective procedure for full rejuvenation of the trunk. 

Some surgeons will recommend an abdominoplasty as a first-stage procedure and treatment of the back and flanks as the second operation.  In some patients this strategy may be effective.  However, in many cases a staged approach leads to under treatment of the flanks and the outer thighs.  In addition, an abdominoplasty-only approach in patients with marked skin excess to the flanks will often lead to less than optimal skin removal at the front of the abdomen.  For all the above reasons Dr. Connall usually recommends a lower body lift for patients with significant skin excess around the waistline.

More Info For Lower Body Lift Patients

Candidates for a lower body lift must be in good health and near ideal body weight.  For all patients that have undergone weight loss, especially those that have lost weight after bariatric surgery, the weight should be at an optimal low level and stable.  In most cases female patients should be finished having children before proceeding with lower body lift surgery. 

Since smoking has an adverse effect on the wound healing and infection after surgery, lower body lift and body jet liposuction surgery are not performed in smokers.  In some patients with marked weight loss, standard nutritional parameters may be abnormal.  It is important that nutritional intake and status is within normal limits before undergoing lower body lift surgery. 

A lower body lift is a major surgical procedure.  Indeed, this is one of the most complex and lengthy body contouring procedures performed today.  Candidates for this procedure must understand the complexity of the procedure and be prepared for a lengthy and challenging post postoperative recovery.

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