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Is a Body Lift Right for You?

Body lift procedures remove the loose skin you can’t diet or exercise away. With a lower body lift the tummy is tightened and the excess skin and fat are removed all the way around the body to achieve youthful and aesthetic proportions.

People with good health overall are good candidates for body-contouring surgery. Body contouring should not be done for approximately 2 years following the start of any massive weight loss program and your weight should be stable for at least a year with no future weight loss expected.

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A lower body lift is a lengthy and complex procedure. We performed the lower body lift using general anesthesia. The key incision for the lower body lift is placed along the lower abdomen and flanks and just above the buttocks. This incision and the areas for skin removal are designed with long-term aesthetics in consideration.

The lower body lift procedure is a major commitment in time and energy postoperatively. Expect to need at least two to four weeks to recover from this procedure before you can return to basic work and home activities. After four to six weeks you may resume light exercise and after six weeks you will resume full activity.

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Often, liposuction is used as a complimentary procedure to contour the areas treated with the lower body lift that are not improved by skin removal or tissue lifting and repositioning.

With a lower body lift the buttocks are lifted and reduced in size. In some patients the buttocks are small and flat before surgery. A lower body lift can make such flattening worse. A nice solution to this problem is to perform simultaneous buttock augmentation.

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